"Al, I just love your voice and I've always thought that big things should happen for you."

-Bryan Carlstrom (producer, engineer - Alice In Chains, Offspring, etc.)

“The record industry only cares about who writes the best songs; who has that career establishing song. And I think this guy’s got a couple of them.”

-Al Bowman (president, L.A. Music Awards)

"Thank you for singing with us, Alan. You are a bright shining beacon of light."

-Rosemary Butler (vocal conductor / contractor, Neil Young "Living With War")

"It was truly a pleasure to work with such a gifted and talented singer, my friend."

-Tony Vincent ("The Voice" finalist and star of Broadway - We Will Rock You, American Idiot, etc)

"I first met Al at Track Record Studios in Los Angeles some 15 years ago. We quickly became good friends. I ended up mixing 2 albums with him. The creativity, tenacity and talent I witnessed during those records was nothing short of amazing. He never gave up and his talent has never waned. Im proud to have Alan as a dear friend. Keep it up Brother!"

-James "Jimbo" Barton (producer, engineer - Rush, Queensryche, Eric Clapton, etc)

“Morphew has an outstanding voice with an impressive range. His ability to move effortlessly from lower notes to a Jeff Buckley-esque falsetto serves his songs well. A spirited performance... He has a great deal of stage presence and a willingness to interact with his audience in a warm and honest way...”

-Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

“Alan Morphew is a fabulous singer / songwriter and musician. Alan’s “Four More” release really showcases his studio savvy production skills and borders on being the best “Folk Pop” creation I have experienced.”

-Phillip Beasley (president, Memphis Songwriters Association)

"Alan was a guest performer at Breakthru 2015 The Official North American Queen Convention. He worked with Rock Ala Carte and Tony Vincent during the weekend and was truly brilliant. Whether heading the band, backing up Tony, encouraging audience participation he won the crowd over with his voice and stage presence. Alan rocks!"

-Paul DeFerrari (Breakthrough, The North American Queen Convention)

"My, this is not bad at all, is it… In fact, it is really quite good..."

-Roy Thomas Baker (producer, engineer - Queen, The Cars, Journey, etc.)

"Great job! I love your voice. Keep doing THAT."

-John Senn (president, Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

"You did a good job up there."

-Neal Schon - guitarist, Journey (after seeing Alan perform at a rock club in North Hollywood)

"Respect... Mutual…"

-Snoop Dogg (rapper, entertainer, entrepreneur)

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The American Dream Alan Morphew


"A heartfelt and frank review of what is left of the dream. But don't worry, the main focus is still soaring vocals delivering world-class hit songs."

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Living With War Neil Young


"On this one, I was a part of the group of professional singers from LA that sang with Mr Young on every song. Sort of an angry mob of top vocal talent. Nominated for a Grammy Award."

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Four More Alan Morphew


"My second solo album. I've always looked at it as a counterpart to the eponymously titled first solo album. Largely the same recipe and ingredients made this one."

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Alan Morphew Alan Morphew


"My first solo album. I had a handful of songs I was proud of, my voice and some very talented friends that helped make this one happen."

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives Patchwork Symphony


"The second release by my band, Patchwork Symphony. A sonic treat that includes the title song, which would reappear on my album, The American Dream."

(Out of Print)

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Disappear T.S.O.L.


"A great album by the classic Punk Band, T.S.O.L. I played the trumpet solo on Socialite, taking the song from being almost dropped to being one of the band's favorite songs on the album."

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Patchwork Symphony Patchwork Symphony


"The 80s were long gone and I wanted to focus on songwriting and creating recordings that gave the listener more than just the guitar, bass, drums and vocal sound that had dominated that decade."

(Out of Print)

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The Induction Hall of Fame


"What a great experience this one was. Super talented guys from Germany. Found me through my vocal coach, Ron Anderson during their search for the best American lead singer."

(Out of Print)

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Mirror Mirror


"Essentially a collection of the demos my L.A. 80's metal band shopped to the record labels as we played up and down the Sunset Strip and surrounding areas during the legendary hair band era."

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Ramble On - American Brits
at Roosevelt Auditorium - Estherville, IA
Don't Let Me Down - American Brits
at Roosevelt Auditorium - Estherville, IA
Hero's Journey - Beautiful Souls
at Roosevelt Auditorium - Estherville, IA
Daniel Lincoln - Official Music Video
Directed by Aris Gharibian
Somebody to Love - Queen Tribute
at Sami Center - Spirit Lake, IA
Born From the Same - Alan Morphew
at House of Bricks - Des Moines, IA
Lilac Wine - Alan Morphew
at Jeff Buckley Tribute - L.A., CA
Fortunate Johnny - Alan Morphew
at L.A. Music Awards - Hollywood, CA
Time - Alan Morphew
at LA's Best Kept Secrets - Hollywood, CA
Under Pressure - Queen Tribute
at Sami Center - Spirit Lake, IA
I Want to Break Free - Queen Tribute
at Preservation Plaza - Okoboji, IA
Love of My Life - Queen Tribute
at Sami Center - Spirit Lake, IA

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12 South 6th St / Suite #D
Estherville, IA 51334

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